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New York City Salon Stylists Give Cutting Edge at Thanksgiving

As New Yorkers prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, women all over the city are making appointments with their manicurists and trusted hair stylists before the dinner party frenzy begins. This is as much a tradition as turkey and stuffing on a football Thursday in November.

Now, women getting their hair cut is nothing new. Most women get their hair cut every 8 to 10 weeks depending on how quickly it grows. But the holidays require a little something special for their ‘doo.’ And in New York City where holiday traditions can often be as diverse as trimmings around the dinner table, women are in search of just the right salon to give them that cutting edge.

Amanda Arrillaga, 39, is a Sony Music executive in Midtown Manhattan with some pretty great rock star friends. Instead of spending holidays with family this year she will be feasting with Cyndi Lauper and other music royalty around her upstate dinner table. So when it came time to get the perfect holiday ‘doo’ for such a rocking occasion she turned to her trusted stylist, Toni K of the Eva of New York Salon.

Where do you go when the holidays arrive to make you look and feel like a million bucks?

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Pizza in Forest Hills: A day in the life of D’Angelo’s

In New York City, pizza is as iconic  as yellow taxicabs and the statue of liberty. It’s such a staple of New York’s culinary culture that members of the United States Pizza Team, known for combining culinary arts with acrobatics, will march and perform as part of the 84th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

And New Yorkers have plenty of options. According to the social-networking website Yelp, there are more than 6031 throughout the five boroughs.

One of them is D’Angelos Pizzeria, located in Forest Hills, Queens. From morning til night, seven days a week, owner Eduardo Jimenez and his employee Juan Sosa can be seen making pies, calzones, and garlic knots and displaying them for customers.

This is a typical Sunday afternoon of baking pies, serving customers, and preparing delivery orders.

Have a favorite pizzeria you wanna share your thoughts on? Sound off and provide all the cheesy details as to why you think they’re the best.

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Nyack’s Free-Range Thanksgiving Turkey Truck

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a free-range, antibiotic- and hormone-free turkey. These holiday birds were pre-ordered and hand delivered from Dines Farms in the Catskills.

At a pre-Thanksgiving farmers’ market in Nyack, NY, Mary Fields told us everything we ever wanted to know about turkeys.

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Recession’s Effect on a Brooklyn Barber Shop

On Point Barber Salon sits on a quiet street in Fort Greene, Brooklyn waiting for customers to come in. The medium sized shop has a giant flat screen television that lingers on a game, any game and on this particular day it is a soccer match between Manchester United and the Rangers. The chairs slowly swivel back and forth not filled with customers but barbers angling for a better view of the screen.

“Business is slow,” said Kevin Bowen, a master barber at the salon. “Some of my regulars I don’t see for months.”

The recession has not spared the salon. According to the barbers, business used to boom especially around holiday time. “I would cut 20 heads in a day,” said Bowen. “Now I am down to 10.”

Even though business has declined, the owner, Deryck Moses thinks it will pick up soon. “I have to be hopeful,” said Moses. “What choice do I have?”

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New York Nails Go 3D

Long before the release of James Cameron’s three-dimensional blockbuster Avatar last December, nail artists in Japan were experimenting with 3D.

“3D nail art started back in Japan about 7 years ago,” said Jenny Matayoshi,  a receptionist at Japanese nail salon Marie Nails in Soho.

Now popular in the US, celebrities like Lady Gaga and Keyshia Cole are wearing 3D nails with elaborate designs.

Have you tried 3D nail art? What are your thoughts on the trend?

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Exploring Bryant Park’s Winter Wonderland

Each November, Bryant Park transforms into a resplendent winter wonderland nestled in midtown Manhattan.

The Citi Pond ice rink is a centerpiece of Bryant Park’s winter season, and this November Citi Pond kicked off its sixth consecutive year as New York City’s only free-admission ice-skating rink.

In addition to the 170’ x 100’ ice rink, from November 2010 to February 2011 Bryant Park also features holiday shops, a restaurant and ice skating performances.

Before reopening in 1992 as a 7-acre verdant oasis for lunching office workers, seasonal outdoor movies, Fashion Week and beleaguered tourists, Bryant Park was once a burial ground, an encampment for the Union Army, and a reservoir.

Tugba Albayrak, a business analyst from the Netherlands, has been to New York City twice over the past four years, but never managed to fit Bryant Park into her sightseeing itinerary.

This is Albayrak’s third visit to the Big Apple, and this time around, she perused the holiday shops at Bryant Park and partook in a quintessential New York activity: ice skating.

“What better way to experience New York than to do something with a ton of New Yorkers,” said Albayrak.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Bryant Park?

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Coney Island’s Ruby’s Bar Closes after 76 Years

For seventy-six years, Ruby’s Bar and Grill has been a Coney Island staple. It’s also been home to pirate-mermaid weddings, mermaid parade after-parties, and a timeline of photographs that date back as far as the bar does.

But this October, the family-owned bar received notice of eviction. The lease was taken over by Zamperla, an amusement corporation that hopes to glitz up the boardwalk and turn it into a cash cow. Hundreds of Ruby’s fans have signed a petition to keep the old bar going, but so far they’ve received no significant response from the city.

Not one for subtlety, Ruby’s went out with a bang this Saturday, with live bands playing almost round-the-clock and fans coming from all over New York to celebrate the memorable establishment that may soon be just a memory.

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Protected: Eagle Street Farm Prepares for Winter

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Still Waters in a Storm: A Reading/Writing Experience in Bushwick

Still Waters in a Storm, a grassroots organization based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, was founded by Stephen Haff. This is a place where people of all ages come to a one-room classroom to read, write, and listen. One of the most important things Haff stresses, is the art of listening and being peaceful. When writers read aloud their work, no praise and criticism is made. This nonjudgmental practice is enforced so that creativity is not stunted.

How important is listening in everyday life for you?

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