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Composer Makes Music with Clock Sounds

Andrew Gross using his computer with the Princeton Laptop Orchestra Andrew Gross is a musician from Long Island who works with found sounds, an avant garde form of composition often attributed to John Cage. He recently completed a musical thesis … Continue reading

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Bed-Stuy’s own 9/11: music, weed, & what up baii

In a darkly lit room, Kevin starts the day smoking a blunt. It’s only 10 a.m. What am I getting myself into? I wait for him to exhale and exhale myself when I notice a blanket covered in cartoons on … Continue reading

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Musicians in Manhattan: A Recession-proof Career?

People the world over come to Manhattan to “make it big” on Wall Street, Broadway and Carnegie Hall. But with the recession, the City of Dreams has turned into a bit of a nightmare. The economic downturn ended in June … Continue reading

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The Feast of San Gennaro

The Feast of San Gennaro had a week-long run (Sept 16-26) in New York, filling the streets of Little Italy with parades, free entertainment, and sizzling food. In its 84th year, the feast celebrates the lives of immigrants who came … Continue reading

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Who Buys CDs Anyway?

The other day I was walking down W 40th St. when a young man approached me and tried to give me his demo tape.  I was dressed up at the time and holding some recording equipment.  He must have assumed … Continue reading

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