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The Partnership with Children’s Eighth Annual Wrap-A-Thon

A group of employees from Bloomberg L.P. gathered downtown this morning to volunteer in the eighth annual Wrap-A-Thon. Sponsored by the Partnership with Children, a social service agency for New York City youth, the group wrapped holiday presents donated by … Continue reading

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De-Stressing Tips for Students at The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Video: “J School Stress Relief,” by Emily Lavin. How did three students from CUNY J-School’s class of 2010 deal with the stress of school during their first semester? Emily Lavin (class of 2010) tells us how. Nothing’s more annoying than … Continue reading

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When Bed Bugs Cause a False Alarm

They’re called bed bug false alarms: insect bites arranged in either a line or triangle-shaped pattern that were not caused by bed bugs, like these spider bites. Of course, you don’t know that. You wake up itching, scratching, and freaking … Continue reading

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Overeducated and Unemployed in the Recession

Since graduating from college in December 2009, Jake Teresi has had little luck finding a job as a writer in the film industry. Internships didn’t lead where he wanted them to, and now Teresi finds himself among the 5.6 percent … Continue reading

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Bed Bugs in the News: Too Much Coverage?

Bed bugs are nasty pests to deal with, but proper extermination treatment solves the problem. However, fumigation does not exterminate the bed bug media frenzy. This week, news stories covered recent bed bug infestations in Howard Stern’s radio studio, in … Continue reading

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Young, Queer, and Homeless

From a young age, Kevin Schmidt knew that he was born into the wrong body. Kevin is a transgender man. In other words, Kevin is a person whose male gender identity does not match the anatomical female sex with which … Continue reading

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Asphalt-Borne Pests

Not all pests fly in the air. In fact, most of them mount their bicycles and fly down one-way streets in the wrong direction. You might think it’s sufficient to look in the direction of one-way traffic before crossing the … Continue reading

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Wet Hot New York City Summer

If you’ve been annoyed by this summer’s spate of heat waves, don’t expect to feel any better this week. The beginning of September has ushered in another heat wave. Temperatures recorded in Central Park are expected to stay in the … Continue reading

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