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Buzz-A-Rama: Slot Car Racing in Brooklyn

Once upon a time, before video games and the internet, Buzz Perry opened his slot car racing shop Buzz-A-Rama in Kensington, Brooklyn. That was 45 years ago and Buzz-A-Rama is still attracting generations of New Yorkers to its raceways every … Continue reading

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Recession’s Effect on a Brooklyn Barber Shop

On Point Barber Salon sits on a quiet street in Fort Greene, Brooklyn waiting for customers to come in. The medium sized shop has a giant flat screen television that lingers on a game, any game and on this particular … Continue reading

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The New York Price Tag: A Short List

Thomas Wolfe wrote, “One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it in five minutes as in five years.” It’s true.  We come from all over the world to settle in its boroughs and fall in love with the … Continue reading

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Dating in New York

“I can tell you some stories about dating in New York,” Denise Patterson, a 39-year-old Brooklyn woman said. “It sucks.” Patterson, a professor of English relived a date with a guy who had a PhD in Philosophy. “Within the first … Continue reading

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A Pickle Store Moves to Brooklyn

When you walk through the door the first thing you see are ten orange 50 gallon barrels lined up like obedient children. Each barrel is properly labeled with a handwritten sign describing what’s inside. Sour Pickles. Giardiniera. Sweet Peppers… The … Continue reading

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Do You Know How Pretty You Are?

A few years ago I walked with four female friends down a street in Brooklyn. We laughed loudly as we made our way to a nearby restaurant. Suddenly six men who wore baseball caps cocked to the side and were … Continue reading

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American Muslim

There are nearly 1 million Muslims living in New York City and 28-year-old Yamar Ba is one of them. Ba’s parents emigrated from Senegal in the 1970’s and raised seven children in Harlem. In this video, Ba, talks about practicing … Continue reading

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Born Again on the MTA

You are smashed in a subway car during the morning commute. Someone is breathing on you but you can’t figure out who. This guy keeps hitting you with his bag and something smells. But the worst part is the preacher … Continue reading

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