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Times Square Stood Still as Anti-War Protesters Layed Down

On December 16th, anti-war protesters marched on Washington DC to protest the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Their protests were organized by Veterans for Peace, which coordinated several other demonstrations at major cities around the United States on the same … Continue reading

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New York City Salon Stylists Give Cutting Edge at Thanksgiving

As New Yorkers prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, women all over the city are making appointments with their manicurists and trusted hair stylists before the dinner party frenzy begins. This is as much a tradition as turkey and stuffing on … Continue reading

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The Five Plagues of Thanksgiving

It’s as unavoidable as tax season (and just about as welcomed). The holiday season has again converged upon New York City. Bringing with it the ‘Five Plagues of Thanksgiving’ to our cranberry-stuffed doorsteps. ‘The Five Plagues of Thanksgiving:” 1) THE … Continue reading

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Public Restrooms With Automatic Toilets Bug New Yorkers

Using a public restroom is an experience most New Yorkers avoid like the plague, literally. Germs and microbes are everywhere! One never knows whose soiled hands last touched that airport sink or grabbed that bar stall latch? The anti-bacterial sanitizer … Continue reading

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Daniel Goodman: Folk Musician With a Cause

Daniel Goodman is a modern day folk musician with his conscientious lyrics passionately influenced by the politically minded folk artists of the 1950′s and 60’s. His respect for these roots can be seen in the soulful instrument he chooses to … Continue reading

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Homophobia: When Pests Are Deadly

Imagine receiving a phone call telling you that your brother, sister, son or daughter has suddenly died. The initial pangs of disbelief and questions of ‘How could this have happened’ fill your mind. Imagine further that moment when the voice … Continue reading

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Longboarding with the Concrete Kings

By Samantha Stewart, Esq. New York City is being shredded. Every Sunday at Columbus Circle, long-boarding club The Concrete KingsĀ  meet up to share their enthusiasm for the sport and skate the city. This eclectic group of individuals comprised of … Continue reading

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Transportation Termites

Shamelessly devouring stinky food on subways and buses around the city, the Transportation Termite is a pesky menace. These termites are the people who munch their mobile meals with no regard for the commuters standing next to them. In the … Continue reading

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Ear Bugs!

As New Yorkers, we expect a little noise inconvenience as just part of the price of living in this vibrant city. The rumble of a garbage truck parked underneath your window at 3am or the honking cab perched on the … Continue reading

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