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Young Athlete Leaves Gym for Playgrounds, Parks and Pumpkins

Fed up with the rules and regulations of corporate gyms, John Sutton decided he wanted to embrace a new venue – an urban one. Yearning for the ability to exercise without time restrictions, and without having to wait for a … Continue reading

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Patty Pops: Serving the Bronx with Chocolate Lollipop Magic

Petroula Lambrou is a 19-year-old Fordham University sophomore. Not only has she immersed herself in the academia of business, she has run a chocolate lollipop business for the past three years. While working at a local pharmacy in high school, … Continue reading

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Exercise Without a Gym

If the good old days of having free time are in the past, your workout regiment has probably suffered. Having a job, going to school or being a parent can all cut into your leisure time and leave you unwilling … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Restaurants Counter Obesity in New York City

When you picture what the average American looks like, what image comes to mind? Not only are adults increasingly becoming overweight, but children are as well. Close to 40 percent of children in New York City public schools are either overweight … Continue reading

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Bronx Senior Finds Writing Therapeutic

Elsa Krochmal is a 72-year-old resident of Morningside nursing home in the Bronx. Born in Honduras, she went on to teach English and Art for 37 years. Now living in Morningside since 2007, Krochmal has found comfort through a weekly therapeutic … Continue reading

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Stress is a Pest

Google forms is a survey application that Google Docs offers to the public. Its ability to collect large amounts of data can have a plethora of uses, especially for journalists. It’s free. Unlike other free services, there are no limitations … Continue reading

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No Smoke Attached – Is the proposed NYC smoking ban a good idea?

It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon and you decide to take a trip to the beach. You luck out and find a deserted spot to settle down in. There’s just one problem, the wind is blowing secondhand smoke right in your … Continue reading

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Vibram Five Finger Running

Paul Fiore is a runner through and through. He was first exposed to the sport his freshmen year of high school. His determination to achieve greatness led him to train vigorously; however, the countless miles led to numerous sidelining shin … Continue reading

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Risky Texting

I often find myself being bumped into with reckless disregard to my wellbeing. Everywhere I go people are slowing me down because they’re walking in state of oblivion. To my satisfaction, I also see these same people colliding with less … Continue reading

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