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Protected: Capoeira: Brazilian Social Networking

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Do You Use ‘Rogue’ ATMs?

DNA Info recently reported that the city is cracking down on use of ‘rogue’ ATMs: ATMs that are unregulated by the city. I have used one or more these cash dispensers since moving to New York.  Coincidentally (or not), I … Continue reading

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Composer Makes Music with Clock Sounds

Andrew Gross using his computer with the Princeton Laptop Orchestra Andrew Gross is a musician from Long Island who works with found sounds, an avant garde form of composition often attributed to John Cage. He recently completed a musical thesis … Continue reading

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Does privacy still exist in this day and age?  Social media sites are practically necessary if not required for many jobs nowadays. Yet with documentation of any kind, unseemly things are bound to turn up, even if people don’t intend … Continue reading

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Pump It Up

Creative Lifestyles works with the developmentally disabled in the South Bronx. Their goal is to improve the overall quality of life of their clients and to help them lead a normal life when possible. Obesity is a big concern for … Continue reading

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Who Buys CDs Anyway?

The other day I was walking down W 40th St. when a young man approached me and tried to give me his demo tape.  I was dressed up at the time and holding some recording equipment.  He must have assumed … Continue reading

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New York is home to its fair share of pests.  The only thing that rivals the rodentia is the amount of scribbling on the walls. “Tagging” is writing one’s name on a surface. Oftentimes artists have a specific style that … Continue reading

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