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Social media brings Harlem bakery back into business

A native of South Carolina, Alvin Lee Smalls bakes some of New York City’s finest rugelach, heralded by the New York Times as “buttery, magnificent and fleeting.” Small businesses may have permanently closed shop during the recession, but not Lee … Continue reading

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Exploring Bryant Park’s Winter Wonderland

Each November, Bryant Park transforms into a resplendent winter wonderland nestled in midtown Manhattan. The Citi Pond ice rink is a centerpiece of Bryant Park’s winter season, and this November Citi Pond kicked off its sixth consecutive year as New … Continue reading

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Long lines, short on patience at the grocery store

With the frenetic demands of living in New York City, a long line at the grocery store is the last thing frazzled New Yorkers want to deal with. Trader Joe’s, in particular, seems to attract lines that wrap around the … Continue reading

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Great Expectorations: Public Spitting in New York City

Smatterings of clear, viscous liquid readily dot the streets and sidewalks of New York City. No, it’s not the rain. It’s spit. An anti-spitting ordinance has been in place in New York City since 1886, but some New Yorkers still … Continue reading

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Musicians in Manhattan: A Recession-proof Career?

People the world over come to Manhattan to “make it big” on Wall Street, Broadway and Carnegie Hall. But with the recession, the City of Dreams has turned into a bit of a nightmare. The economic downturn ended in June … Continue reading

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Manhattan’s Worst Pests

Manhattan is the borough of bright lights and Broadway shows. But it is also home to dirty restaurants, high real estate prices, bed bugs and the worst subway line. Dirty Restaurants: New York city has 24,000 restaurants, and of these … Continue reading

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PDA … what’s your take?

New Yorkers are on the fence when it comes to Public Displays of Affection, or PDA. Some think these gratuitous displays in public places are offensive and disrespectful, and in this New York Times City Room piece, Nicole Ferraro writes, … Continue reading

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What’s your umbrella etiquette?

With fall showers in full swing, now is a good time to discuss proper umbrella etiquette. Or rather, the lack thereof. On rainy days New Yorkers duke it out in the subway and on cramped sidewalks wielding colorful umbrellas as … Continue reading

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Shall we dance?

Reality dance series such as Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and Dance Your Ass Off have made ballroom and Latin dance more accessible – and appealing – to a wider audience. Dancing with the Stars … Continue reading

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Sweating it out on the subway platform

New York City summers are notoriously hot. With temperatures easily rising above 90 degrees, what can be more irksome than gallivanting around the city with beads of perspiration around your neck? Try descending into a mini version of Dante’s Inferno, … Continue reading

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