This blog is a production of the CUNY Journalism School. Our goal is to is to explore and expose the “Pests of New York,” utilizing the fundamentals of interactive journalism to do so.

Get to know our contributors:

What Judy Le lacks in height, she makes up for personality. Watch out for this little firecracker.

Amy Kraft is not related to American businessman Robert Kraft and does not hold stocks in Kraft Foods, Inc. She’s just a poor girl with a lucky last name.

Debra Pangestu loves Bikram yoga but hates to sweat. She was diagnosed with a serious case of wanderlust, and knows how to say “Sorry, I’m allergic to shellfish” in several languages … although she really isn’t allergic to shellfish. Debra can usually be found running half-marathons, experimenting in her kitchen, or practicing her salsa steps for her (very distant) future “Dancing with the Stars” debut.

Rachel Dzanashvili is a native New Yorker, avid baker, and history geek. She would live in Strand bookstore if she could. She goes by the motto “lead, follow, or get out of the way!”

Eliza Ronalds-Hannon wasn’t raised in New York, but can still complain about it with the best of them. However, after years of butchered spellings, mispronunciations, and resultant identity crises, she has given up on complaining about her many falsely ascribed pseudonyms.

Before Celia Gorman came to the J-School she was a fact-checker at New York Magazine. She lives in Harlem, loves coffee, and never wants to leave NY.

Joseph Dinovelli-Lang likes pizza pies, skateboards, and nun-chuck moves.  Just like his friends the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Tamy Cozier

Tamy (that’s right one M) is a bajan, brooklynite with a curious life of curiosity. I can’t live without a cell phone, the Internet and new shoes. Movie lover and foodie just about describe me. Two things I hate: buffets and ramen noodles. I’m a serial celebrity gossip reader with a penchant for watching reality television.

Samantha Stewart is an attorney who is making the leap to journalism after over a decade of litigating in the New York courts. She’s an avid sports fan and political junkie.

Paul Bufano is a Bronx native, but he loves to travel. He has an affinity for nature and is a vegetarian. His favorite animal is the sea otter because the way it cracks shells with rocks on their stomach.

Selly Thiam is originally from Chicago but calls many cities home including New York, Nairobi and Dakar. For the time being she is giving all her love to Brooklyn. Selly is a fantastic cook, has great taste in red wines and loves farmers markets. When she is not working as an oral historian or at the J-School, she is studying French.

Felipe Cabrera hails from Naperville, IL.

Sometimes Zach Kussin is tempted to become a street person, cut off from society. But then he wouldn’t get to wear his outfits.

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