Dressmaking in the Recession: The Story of Mary Adams

Mary Adams is a dressmaker who combines retro fashions and whimsical colors to create customized party and bridal dresses. She’s also dressed celebrities like Amy Sedaris, who wore her dress during an appearance on the David Letterman show.

But like many small businesses, she has not been immune to the recession.  During the spring of 2008, she closed down her shop (of 24 years) on Ludlow Street due to increasingly high rents, moving her business to tiny studio in Murray Hill.

Despite the hardships, Mary is going forward, and relying on social networking as modern window displays to attract customers. She has launched her own website, started a blog, and created a facebook page.

Last month, she released her first book. Titled The Party Dress Book, it chronicles her career, inspirations, and techniques.

As a model tries on her unique pieces, Mary discusses her love of fashion and the future.

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2 Responses to Dressmaking in the Recession: The Story of Mary Adams

  1. Samantha Stewart, Esq. says:

    Very nice, Rachel 🙂

  2. ZK says:

    i love it. very strong shots with lots of color. though i think your last shot should have been the very first, with your opening shot as the second.

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