Buzz-A-Rama: Slot Car Racing in Brooklyn

Once upon a time, before video games and the internet, Buzz Perry opened his slot car racing shop Buzz-A-Rama in Kensington, Brooklyn. That was 45 years ago and Buzz-A-Rama is still attracting generations of New Yorkers to its raceways every weekend. You pay a few dollars for a car, plug in the controller and compete with the 5th grader standing next to you or the grandfather who has been a regular at the shop for the last 40 years.

Perry has made a home for a hobby on the brink of extinction and a place for  New Yorkers  to gather for wholesome fun and nostalgia.

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2 Responses to Buzz-A-Rama: Slot Car Racing in Brooklyn

  1. Oh, this place is awesome. I take my nephews there – 9 and 7. We have a blast. If you are in Brooklyn, stop by. Great time is guaranteed.

  2. I was in a taxi when the taxi driver said: I love this job ! I am my own boss and nobody tells me what to do

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