Recession’s Effect on a Brooklyn Barber Shop

On Point Barber Salon sits on a quiet street in Fort Greene, Brooklyn waiting for customers to come in. The medium sized shop has a giant flat screen television that lingers on a game, any game and on this particular day it is a soccer match between Manchester United and the Rangers. The chairs slowly swivel back and forth not filled with customers but barbers angling for a better view of the screen.

“Business is slow,” said Kevin Bowen, a master barber at the salon. “Some of my regulars I don’t see for months.”

The recession has not spared the salon. According to the barbers, business used to boom especially around holiday time. “I would cut 20 heads in a day,” said Bowen. “Now I am down to 10.”

Even though business has declined, the owner, Deryck Moses thinks it will pick up soon. “I have to be hopeful,” said Moses. “What choice do I have?”

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