Pizza in Forest Hills: A day in the life of D’Angelo’s

In New York City, pizza is as iconic  as yellow taxicabs and the statue of liberty. It’s such a staple of New York’s culinary culture that members of the United States Pizza Team, known for combining culinary arts with acrobatics, will march and perform as part of the 84th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

And New Yorkers have plenty of options. According to the social-networking website Yelp, there are more than 6031 throughout the five boroughs.

One of them is D’Angelos Pizzeria, located in Forest Hills, Queens. From morning til night, seven days a week, owner Eduardo Jimenez and his employee Juan Sosa can be seen making pies, calzones, and garlic knots and displaying them for customers.

This is a typical Sunday afternoon of baking pies, serving customers, and preparing delivery orders.

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