New York City Salon Stylists Give Cutting Edge at Thanksgiving

As New Yorkers prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, women all over the city are making appointments with their manicurists and trusted hair stylists before the dinner party frenzy begins. This is as much a tradition as turkey and stuffing on a football Thursday in November.

Now, women getting their hair cut is nothing new. Most women get their hair cut every 8 to 10 weeks depending on how quickly it grows. But the holidays require a little something special for their ‘doo.’ And in New York City where holiday traditions can often be as diverse as trimmings around the dinner table, women are in search of just the right salon to give them that cutting edge.

Amanda Arrillaga, 39, is a Sony Music executive in Midtown Manhattan with some pretty great rock star friends. Instead of spending holidays with family this year she will be feasting with Cyndi Lauper and other music royalty around her upstate dinner table. So when it came time to get the perfect holiday ‘doo’ for such a rocking occasion she turned to her trusted stylist, Toni K of the Eva of New York Salon.

Where do you go when the holidays arrive to make you look and feel like a million bucks?

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