Energy saving tips to lower your electricity bill

During the summer, I’m all about staying cool. During the winter, I’m all about the heat. And in the end, it’s reflected in my electricity bill.

NY’s heating bill averaged in as one of the highest in the nation. The Daily News reported we used electricity the most at 7 p.m.

My summer electricity bill amounted to roughly $70, but once the temperature started to fall, the bill steadily rose to $90 the next month. My electricity bill was meager compared to what I heard my friends were paying. The summer boasted record high, three-digit temperatures and an increase in the demand for electricity. In the winter, New Yorkers paid an average of $200-$425/month for heat. Some of my friends paid that amount in July, so imagine their heating bill come December.

But here are some quick and easy tips to lower your bill. This might save you a few dollars.

1.) Instead of using the dryer after you wash your clothes, use a clothes rod or rack to dry your clothes.

2.) By unplugging everything – lamps, curling irons, macbook chargers, etc. – from electrical outlets, you save about 40% of wasted energy.

3.) Reduce energy costs by 30% with good installation and air sealing window techniques.

4.) Something as simple as turning off the lights will save you money. But more so if you change your light bulbs to compact fluorescent lights (CFL) or light emitting diodes (LED), both energy efficient.

5.) Dress for winter by layering, even if you’re indoors. My roommate wears 5 layers to stay warm.

NBC offered their two cents to save you a few cents.

What are some of your tips to reduce the electricity bill?

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