Vibram Five Finger Running

Paul Fiore is a runner through and through. He was first exposed to the sport his freshmen year of high school. His determination to achieve greatness led him to train vigorously; however, the countless miles led to numerous sidelining shin injuries.

Flustered with his condition he examined his routine to pinpoint his flaw. What he realized was that his injuries weren’t being caused by how far he ran, rather by the sneakers he ran in.

He surmised that his sneaker’s thick soles were altering his stride and putting too much weight on his heel.

Fiore wanted to rid of his bulky sneaks and embrace the barefoot running movement, which is exactly what it sounds like; however, he was skeptical of the street’s cleanliness. After seeing his teammates practicing with the Vibram Five Finger shoe, Fiore decided to try it out.

Designed as an alternative to barefoot activities, Vibrams are thin “sock-like” slip-on shoes that have rubber bottoms for protection. According to Vibram, the shoes are biomechanically more solid from a force distribution standpoint. According to Fiore, they have increase his leg muscle mass and shortened his running times. Most importantly, Fiore says he has been injury free since he made the switch.

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