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Who Buys CDs Anyway?

The other day I was walking down W 40th St. when a young man approached me and tried to give me his demo tape.  I was dressed up at the time and holding some recording equipment.  He must have assumed … Continue reading

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Sssshh: Let Me Enjoy My Ride WiFi!

“Stand clear of the closing doors please” is a quintessential phrase heard almost everyday—if you ride New York City trains. To most, this pre-recorded track is expected when riding the rails. What passengers do not expect is an obnoxiously, loud, … Continue reading

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Is Carl Paladino the Pest of NY Politics?

Meet Carl Paladino, the Republican gubernatorial candidate for New York. With the support of the Tea Party, he rose to fame thru the message of populist jargon and anti-establishment sentiment, defeating establishment candidate Rick Lazio, who had the support of GOP. … Continue reading

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May Slumlords Rule No More, round 2

New York City Landlords have long been lamented by everyone from tenants to politicians, construction companies to lawyers.  But in a city where real estate is gold, the keepers of the gate seem to get away with murder, so to … Continue reading

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Skunks: The Third Plague

The newest pest craze really stinks—literally. First bugs, then raccoons, and now skunks have infiltrated New York City and its media. The New Times City Room reported on residents complaining about the skunk population increase in northern Manhattan and The … Continue reading

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Transportation Termites

Shamelessly devouring stinky food on subways and buses around the city, the Transportation Termite is a pesky menace. These termites are the people who munch their mobile meals with no regard for the commuters standing next to them. In the … Continue reading

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Asphalt-Borne Pests

Not all pests fly in the air. In fact, most of them mount their bicycles and fly down one-way streets in the wrong direction. You might think it’s sufficient to look in the direction of one-way traffic before crossing the … Continue reading

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Cracked Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

On the subway, I fight against the speed of the train and the barely-there space to find stable footing. When the train hails to a stop, I sigh in relief for I am finally on solid ground. Until I step … Continue reading

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NYPD Bullies

They are funded by the government to protect and serve citizens, but what are residents to do when the police start bullying them? One parent is fighting back after her daughter died of an asthma attack because a police officer … Continue reading

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Risky Texting

I often find myself being bumped into with reckless disregard to my wellbeing. Everywhere I go people are slowing me down because they’re walking in state of oblivion. To my satisfaction, I also see these same people colliding with less … Continue reading

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